Grade F2 100 Grit glass smoothing paper
100 ml Vulpex Soap
100ml Easy-Gild Activator
100ml Easy-Gild Base Clear
100ml Easy-gild Base Yellow
100ml Metal De-Corroder
2 Hour Control Epoxy
20 count Pipet
24 Karat Gold Leaf Loose
24 Karat Gold Leaf Medium Transfer
24 Karat Gold Leaf Transfer Medium
5 Minute Metal Bond
5 Minute Rapid Epoxy
Acrylic Restoral Kit
Advanced Ceramic Restoration Instruction per hour
Advanced Ceramic Restoration per day
Advanced Zoom Ceramic class per hour
Antique Gold
Araldite 2020 167 grams
Araldite 2020 500g Kit
Araldite Professional BLUE/WHITE Tubes
Araldite Rapid RED/WHITE Tubed
Brush a Mold
Ceramic Restoration Instruction
Chinaglaze Low Temperature (1 lt)
Chinaglaze Low Temperature White Gloss(1 litre)
Cold Glaze Pro 2 Gloss 312.5ml
Cold Glaze White Dye (125)
Coldglaze Barrier Coat 500ml
Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss-1.25 lt
Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss-625ml
Coldglaze PRO 2 Clear Gloss-625ml
Coldglaze PRO 2 Retarder
Coldglaze PT146 Thinners
Coldglaze PT146 Thinners
English Fine Gold
Epoxy Putty
European Gold
French Chalk 1 Kilo
Glass and Crystal Repair Instruction
Glaze Products
Grade 1 150 Grit Glass Smoothing Paper
High Viscosity Ultra Violet Adhesive
HP733 Chinaglaze. Thinners (1 lt)
Hxtal NYL-1 60g Kit
In-Studio Basic weekend Ceramic Restoration Instruction
In-Studio one-on-one 3 day Glass and Crystal repair instruction
In-Studio One-on-One Basic Ceramic Restoration Instruction per day
In-Studio One-on-One Basic Ceramic Restoration Instruction per hour
In-Studio One-on-One Full Basic Ceramic Restoration Course
knead a Mold 3# kit
Knead-a-mold 1.5# kit
Kolner Ceramic Size - 50ml
Low Viscosity Penetrating Grade Superglue
Low Viscosity Ultra Violet Adhesive
Magic Sculp 250g
Medium Viscosity Medium Viscosity UV Adhesive
Micro Abrasive Liquid
Micromesh 12000 Grit
Micromesh 1500 grit
Micromesh 2400 Grit
Micromesh 3200 Grit
Micromesh 6000 Grit
Milliput Superfine White (113g)
Milliput Terracotta (113g)
Molding Materials
Monoject Disposable Syringes pack of 5
No. 4 Squirrel Hair Gilders Mop Professional
No. 8 Squirrel Hair Gilders Mop Professional
Paraloid B72 1kg Bucket
Renaissance wax
S532 Matting Agent
Set of 16 Powder Pigments
Swann & Morton Box of No.11P blades
Swann & Morton Handle No3 Long Handle
Swann Morton #10 Blades 25 Count
Swann Morton #9 Blades 25 count
Swann Morton Acrylic Handle 5A
Swann Morton Blade No. 15 Box of 100 Blades
Titanium Dioxide White Pigment 250g
Ultimate Thinners 250ml
Zoom Basic Ceramic Restoration Full Curriculum
Zoom Basic Ceramic Restoration Private Class
Zoom Basic Ceramic Restoration Single Course
Zoom Ceramic Restoration Classes